Wednesday, April 20, 2011

a weather -- everyday balloons


A Weather is an indie band from Portland, Oregon, fronted by Aaron Gerber and Sarah Winchester. Other members include Zach Boyle, Aaron Krenkel and Louis Thomas. Their debut album, Cove (2008), was described as "tenderly crafted chamber pop" and "bursting with intricately plotted melodies and lush arrangements", and was released to favourable reviews.
In 2007, the band toured in the U.S. with Bright Eyes.
In March 2010, A Weather released its second studio record entitled Everyday Balloons.


  1. Haha neato! Come check me out,

  2. No way, I love bright eyes, I would have gone to see them both.

  3. Everyday Balloons sounds pretty good! It's much better than previous album Cover.

  4. sorry dude... not my syle! but you have made me happy in other ways!

  5. nice music, i enjoy it.
    i'm followin you for some time, would you please give me a little feedback?