Sunday, April 17, 2011

my weekend--"always look through pink-tinted glasses"

check out my friend's blog for the full story [artofstew]. but, i was at a bar and hanging out with my friend [artofstew]. we just got done playing a few games of pool. we were finishing our last drinks and trying to decide if we should bother the girls at the bar. we had been talking about the hot red head for a while. i was personally trying to decide if [artofstew] was going to talk to the red head or the bleach blonde friend of red head. when fate intervenes. a 57 year old woman pushes her big body into the booth, so i'm pressed up against the wall, wide-eyed and trying to imagine quickly what i must do. she begins to confess strange things to me with determination while a friend of hers tries to get her up, on her feet, and away from me, saying "come on. i'm playing some b.b.king. dance with me."